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Bo Smart 2016

Hi Bo Peeps,

I have sad news, the BoSmart 2016 Challenge has been placed on hold. This Marketing Peep is going to continue to dine on a Under 500 calorie lunch throughout January and would love for you to join me in spirit if not in the blog-o-sphere. Thank you for reading and sharing and I look forward to our next adventure.

We hope you continue to have a Sweet 2016, reach all of your goals,...

BoSmart 2016 Day 8

Hi Bo Peeps!

Eating later today than normal due to light and easy traffic on I-95. I drove straight through VA to East NC and didn't want to risk a stop that would muss up the flow. Today's meal is a little predictable but not really, over the years I have learned that salads can be tricky, calories can hide in salads, all you see is the crisp lettuce, shiny red tomatoes, and...

BoSmart 2016 Day 7

Hello Bo Peeps! 

It is Day 7 of the BoSmart Challenge and I am blogging from the brand new dining room of our newest location, 7413 Midlothian Turnpike Richmond, VA.

Today's meal is Roasted Chicken Bites with Green Beans, I passed along my biscuit to a happy crew member, and washed it down with Large Diet Pepsi. Not to brag, well maybe a little...

BoSmart 2016 Day 6

Hi Bo Peeps!

It is Day 6/Week 2 of the Bo Smart Challenge and after suffering from a cold for the last few days I...WANT...FRIED, and I might be a little 'hangry'. Yes, this blog is about eating a 500 calorie lunch and being a bit healthier, and yes, I did just type FRIED! I want it, I am going to have it, and I don't even have to lie about it.


Bo Smart Challenge Day 5

Happy Friday Bo Peeps!    I made it through my first work week on the Bo Smart Challenge and to be honest, it has been great! I see it has having the best of both worlds. I get to eat Bojangles' everyday and eat healthy! It's a win win for anyone who wants to take the Bo Smart Challenge with me.

Today's menu included Unsweetened tea, I added splenda,...

BoSmart 2016 Day 4

Hi Bo Peeps!

BoSmart Challenge Day 4 and this Marketing Peep
is blogging from home quite sick and a bit contagious. After my doctor's visit and trip to the pharmacy I saw that beautiful orange and brick building across the street and made a dash for the drive thru. I'm not sure who decided that you should 'feed a fever and starve a cold'...

BoSmart 2016 Day 3

Hi Bo Peeps!

Well it is Day 3 of my BoSmart Challenge and just about the time I would normally scrap the idea of a 500 calorie lunch. However, so far I don't feel as though I am missing out on anything. 

Today's lunch will be courtesy of a Secret Menu Item. Well, not really secret, we just don't have room for it on the menuboards. It's the Lite Platter, the...

BoSmart 2016 Day 2

Hi Bo Peeps! 

It is Day 2 of the BoSmart Challenge This BoPeep needed a one handed lunch today, so the other could keep working, so a sandwich was a definite must. While perusing our online menu and nutrition facts I was excited to discover that with a small tweak the Grilled Filet Club fell below my daily lunch time calorie count of 500. I was so excited to order because Grilled Chicken,...

Bo Smart 2016

Hello Bo Peeps!

Marketing Peep here taking on a brand new challenge for 2016. I will be eating BoSmart for lunch every week day throughout the month of January. I will be taking photos and writing a couple of facts about the food each day. We have always had yummy healthy options on the menu, but for those, like myself, with Resolutions for a healthier lifestyle for 2016 this blog will help you...